…did I spy with my eye? Brammo controller?

I think I have a dead bead on the wary and elusive controller used by the Boys of Brammo.  Taking a good close look at the controller on the Enertia as I did, and having a look at the sponsor decals on the Empulse, I will now and heretofore hazard my guess (aka fabricate a rumor) on what controller Brammo is in bed with.

Drum roll.

It is the Sevcon Gen4 G8035 AC controller.

“The Gen4-series represent the absolute latest design concept for compact and reliable AC Controllers. They feature the smallest footprint in the industry for their power capability. The high efficiency of these controller makes it possible to integrate them into very tight spaces without sacrificing performance. The design has been optimized for the lowest possible cost while maintaining superior reliability in the most demanding applications.”

G8035- 72-80V, 350A

This ain’t like the biggest secret of the ages or anything maybe, but I, for one, couldn’t get nobody to make no comments about the controllers.  Just that they had “looked at” Alltrax.

Over and out.  Enjoy the races.  I’m just sittin here, on my computer, NOT AT THEM.  Just doing my civic duty spreading rumors on the internets.



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