Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Scorecard



For the most part, these two bikes are pretty evenly matched.  The Zero has the slight edge on the range and top speed claims, but we haven’t substantiated those at this point.  The battery capacity is higher, the recharge time is less.  It’s a lighter bike by almost 50 lbs- nearly 18%.  The heat goes to Zero.




For the consumer, both manuals are fine, although the Brammo falls short in the Service and Support department.  For the enthusiast, nods go to the Zero.

Overall, a dead heat, with Zero by a Support nose.


Overall Build Quality:


The Brammo is a solid build, and we haven’t seen the Zero yet…  sooooooo.  The jury’s still out on this one.




Yep.  No Zero yet…  stay tuned, but suspicions based on the geometry and heritage point to the Zero on this one- from a sport rider point of view.  From a rider who likes a cruiser?  The Brammo.

But I’m doing the ratings here, and I don’t like cruisers, so the theoretical nod goes to Zero.




From a spec point of view this should be a dead heat, but due to what I think is the tuning of the Brammo, the Zero is supposedly quicker based on their claimed specs.  We’ve heard the Zero’s de-tuned off the line, though, even more than the Brammo.

Until I get one and disprove the Zero claims, I’m giving the edge to the Zero.


Service and Support:


Hey. With some heavy duty good mojo showing up on user forums (“fora”?) and a network of Geek Squad BestBuy all over the place, this is a major peg for Brammo.




Sorry Zero.  Two Thousand Bucks is $2000 where I live.


Grand Total:



Tough call, and this has to go to my opinion and personal taste.  The bike I’d ride, if I had both, would be the Zero.  The bike I’d buy would be the Brammo.  Like I said.  The Geek Squad is everywhere, and Two Thousand Bucks is $2000.

This one is a non-committal dead heat.  Get the price of the Zero down, and maybe it’s the Zero.


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2 responses to “Brammo Enertia vs. Zero S- Scorecard

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  2. Great scorecard… I personally think the Empulse 8.0 is going to fit right in my budget/performance requirements. I can’t wait to hear more about it after this weekends unveiling. The Enertia and the Zero both seem kind of like toys… both quirky and cool in their own way. I guess I am mostly worried that they would rapidly lose their resale value as improvements are made with each successive model, but time will tell.

    Once again, good read Ted



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