email from 2006:

interesting… nice to see I wasn’t completely delusional.

From: “Ted Dillard”
Date: November 26, 2006 11:26:16 AM PST
To: “Nick xxx”
Subject: RE: ok. this is my latest caper.

i know you think im crazy, but at least i’m in earnest.

earnestly crazy.

if nothing else, i think you’d be amused…

here’s the thing. i truly believe we’re at a point that, in 5 years, electric vehicles are going to be sprouting up like, well, hybrid vehicles today. think of how fast hybrids hit…

here’s why. first, you have the tesla project. a balls-to-the-wall sports car built to compete with gas cars.

people are buying these things, even at $100k a pop.

you also have the blade, a 250cc sized european (naturally) motocross bike. if you look at the site, it compares very well with a 250cc gas bike. it’s actually pretty cheap, in the $7000 range.
now look at the killacycle. the story is here:

dude, this is a 150mph drag bike that does the 1/2 in 9.5.

this bike uses a new battery made right here in waltham by A123,

if you take nothing more from this note, take this: buy this company’s stock. Li-ion batts are the solution to battery problems, that is, high weight, low power, but they have had problems. this company has solved those problems, and it looks like they’re going to replace the Prius batteries with batts from these guys.

he also uses a motor built by this guy who squeeks a ton more torque out of a stock EV motor… (confirming my longtime suspicion that what we all want in life is torque, not horsepower…)

ok, that’s fine for an experimental drag bike. but. take that technology and build it into a 250cc sized street bike, and you’ve got a vehicle that, by the math i’ve done, has a 100 mile+ range, can go close to 100mph, and looks and handles great. (edit: OK THAT was a little delusional…)

there are a whole bunch of people out there who want to see this proven out… the battery guys, the motor guys, the EV industry such as it is… so im building one. HA. i picked up a rolling frame yesterday… a 1987 suzuki RM250. i’m putting together the plan now. the actual conversion components are really REALLY basic. people use forklift motors and lead batteries and get bikes that go 40mph and have a 50mi range. think of what you can do if you cut the weight of the batts in half, and double the capacity of the motor!

i have no idea where this is going… but i’m obsessed with it and have been for a while now. have you ever read this great book called bicycle? teresa got it for me a while ago, but it chronicles the history of the development of the bike. the fascinating thing about it is how it is a model for all technological development. the modern bicycle after several fits and starts, could only come into being when a whole array of technologies were in place… tubular steel frames, roller chains, pneumatic tires, etc. once that was all at the same place at the same time, it had reached a tinder point, and the bicycle burst out.

mark my words, we are at that point with electric vehicle development.



More, in a response:

<>please look at this:

it’s a breakdown of, first, efficiency issues, and second, sources of
electric energy generation.

if you can find holes in it, please tell me, (seriously). and they’re
talking about a hotrod sports car.

the whole idea of trading one way of burning oil for another is what has
been putting me off on electric vehicles for a really long time. (did you
know my dad brought an electric renault home from work, in like, 1969 or

BUT, the research i’ve been doing, (and sources are other than someone
selling a 100k electric sports car) all back this site’s conclusions up.


EXACTLY. they need a typical range of around 30 miles… believe me i’ve
seen the graphs. that’s not what they’re going to buy, though. most people
are in denial about the fact that, really, the only reason they really need
a car at all is to commute to the daily grind. they’re totally sandbagged
by the sexy car sales job. really, can you believe that people buy
$50,000 lexuses so they can sit in traffic, whether on the highway or in the
city? talk about delusion. (i want to make a website called everything about a car is barbaric, even down to how
it makes people behave, yet they’re sold as the highest point of civilized

most of the EV world is pretty amused by the hybrids… the general feeling
is that hybrids are accepted by consumers because they think they need more
range. not that they need more range. so you get a ridiculously complex
machine with redundant everything that no one can maintain. oh, lets look
at puttin fuel cells into some frikkin vehicle, now that’s the measure of
elegant simplicity, eh?



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