woah. The Peukert Effect

“Peukert’s Law, presented by the German scientist W. Peukert in 1897, expresses the capacity of a lead-acid battery in terms of the rate at which it is discharged. As the rate increases, the battery’s available capacity decreases.” (And as the rate decreases, the capacity increases…)

(From the Wikipedia)

SO. It’s better to have, oh, say, 200AH of batteries in one big “pack”, than 2 “packs” of 100AH set up separately, ’cause they are drawing, (or discharging) less from each battery.

“The law that explains why doubling your battery pack on an electric motorcycle, will lead to more than double the range. Also why (aerodynamic friction aside) you can go almost twice as far at 30 mph as you can at 60 mph.”

THANKS to gasfreeearth, at El Moto Jeopardy!



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