My New Favorite Motor- LEM 200 D127 I can haz?

Lynch LEM-200-D127 motor Double magnet. Extremely efficient Motor.
12-72VDC, 10+ HP, 8″ diameter, single shaft, 100+ Amps continuous / 400+ Amps intermittent, reversible.

Actual Weight 24.52 LBS

only $2000. um. yeah.

WAIT just a DAMN minute. This looks like that Agni thing, doesn’t it?

…back to the AgniMotors page, hold on a sec.
“What is the difference between an Agni motor and a Lynch motor?

The Agni motor is an improved version of the Lynch motor, designed by Cedric Lynch who now works for Agni Motors. It offers higher torque per amp and lower speed per volt, which in some applications makes possible a simpler and cheaper transmission. It is also slightly more efficient.”

oooooh. NOW I get it.



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