The 2014 Pirelli Calendar: Helmut Newton


As some of you know, I’m a photographer, more or less.  For most of my life photography and motorcycles have been two fairly unrelated interests, except for the obvious taking photos of my bikes thing, but here, for the first time, I present the connection between the two.  The Pirelli Calendar.

The Electric Vehicle connection?  I’m working on that.  But just squint your eyes a bit and imagine that girl up at the top of the page is plugging in to a Chargepoint station, how’s that?

Here’s a little video of boobies Important Fine Art Photography for your nsfw viewing pleasure Photography Education.  Here’s a story from Vogue UK on it, with lots of nice photos of more boobies.

So wait.  Tell me what Pirelli makes again?  …seems to have slipped my mind.


1469987_513584805403995_183329605_n 13-01-33

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